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Discover a new era of healing at Health and Physio. We’ve reimagined physical therapy for the modern world, offering seamless virtual sessions globally and personalized home visits locally. Our expert therapists bring professional care directly to you, whether through your screen or at your doorstep.

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What We Treat?

We treat many conditions some of the most common are:

back pain is the most common condition
Back Pain
Neck Pain
stroke treatment physio
physio treatment for sciatica
plantar fasciitis physiotherapy islamabad healthandphysio
Plantar Fasciitis
arithritis physio treat
frozen shoulder pain treatment
Frozen Shoulder
cp patient physio
Cerebral Palsy
And more...

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Our Aims

Educate and Empower Patients

Provide clear and concise information on common musculoskeletal conditions, treatment approaches, and injury prevention strategies.

Accessibility and Convenience

Offer virtual consultations or online appointment scheduling for initial assessments or follow-up sessions, increasing access to physical therapy services.

Trust and Credibility

Provide clear explanations of treatment techniques and expected outcomes, fostering trust and transparent communication.

Preventative Care and Wellness

Offer educational content on maintaining good posture, proper lifting techniques, and ergonomics in the workplace to prevent injuries before they occur.

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